Dr. Barbara Modisette LPC, LPCS, BCPC, LSSP, ABSNP, ABDA, RPED

Longview, TX


Therapy in Longview, TX

Whether you're facing a serious mental health issue or simply want to discuss the stress in your life, Longview, TX, therapy from Modisette's Psychological Services may be able to help. We work hard to accommodate your scheduling needs, and our experienced, responsive staff will always remain dedicated to your satisfaction.

Our staff is experienced in the area of neuropsychology and can gladly administer a neuropsychological evaluation to determine your needs. In addition, we provide testing for dyslexia, autism, and other emotional and learning disabilities. Our other services include:

  • Stress counseling and trauma therapy
  • Therapy for children and parents
  • Treatment for anxiety and depression
  • Behavioral and cognitive therapy
  • Grief counseling and general therapy

If you believe that you could benefit from Longview, TX, therapy, don't hesitate to contact Modisette's Psychological Services. Our staff can tell you more about our practice, discuss your needs, and address your concerns about therapy today. We strive to meet or exceed your expectations, and our practice accepts most major insurances.